Cembra Winery

Cembra is the name of a beautiful valley nestled in the Alps, in the North Eastern part of Italy, near by the city of Trento, and it’s also the name of a picturesque town located in the same valley. Cembra is a cooperative founded in 1952. Generally speaking the idea of cooperative is associated to mass production and high volume, however this is definitely not the case of Cembra: 400 growers farm only 300 hectares of vineyards, all located on extremely steep slopes, that make the viticulture in the area very challenging and a sort of “heroic” work. Just this number can give the perfect idea of the challenges that everyday each of the growers of Cembra has to face: to farm one hectare of vines a growers in a flat area needs 100 hours per year, and his work can easily be mechanised, in the Cembra valley a grape grower needs at least 800 hours to farm the same amount of land, and everything has to be made by hand in a very artisanal way.

The Cembra Valley has an alpine climate, with fresh summers and cold and winters, moreover the typical soil of this area is characterised by a high percentage of porphyry: a sort of granite. These two factors combined together gives a unique and distinctive aromatic profile to the wines, a mineral taste and a slightly salty aftertaste. Therefore the Cembra Valley is a very renown area for the production of aromatic white wines, and it is known in particular as the best area of the Muller Thurgau.

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